EASIS Milk Chocolate slices 112 g

EASIS Milk Chocolate slices is with no added sugar. Instead of sugar, the chocolate contains a lot of fibre and it has been sweetened with sweetener from the stevia plant and erythritol. This combination gives the right taste and texture making this chocolate just as good or even better than sugar sweetened chocolate. The benefit is 81% less sugars than traditional milk chocolate with sugar.



112 g



Cocoa butter, dietary fibre (inulin), dietary fibre (oligofructose), cocoa mass, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, sweetener (erythritol 7,5%), emulsifier (soy lecithin), sweetener (steviol glycosides), natural vanilla flavour, natural flavour.


Nutritional value table:

Declaration per 100g
Energy 2004/479 kJ/kcal
Fat 38 g
of which saturated fat 23 g
Carbohydrates 20 g
of which sugars 11 g
of which polyols 7.5 g
Fiber 30 g
Protein 7.7 g
Salt 0.17 g


More information:

Whole grain fibre müsli. No added sugar, but with a natural content of sugar.



Dry and cool, avoid direct sunlight.


Shelf life:

18 months.


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