SUREKA® SRS MC-05 is a plant-based sweetening solution made to replace sugar in milk chocolate. The ingredient is suitable for use in traditional milk chocolate production processes and can be used to substitute the sugar straight off in recipes. SUREKA® SRS MC-05 is made from dietary fibres of polydextrose and inulin, sweeteners of maltitol and monk fruit extract and helps to achieve the desired texture, taste and viscosity in chocolate, while also lowering the calorie count.



  • Plant-based
  • Homogenous
  • Aspartame-free



Maltitol, Inulin, Polydextrose, Steviol glycosides.



  • White to off white powder.


Recommended dosage:

1:1 sugar replacement*; 1 part blend replaces 1 part sugar.

*Subject to final adjustment.


More information:

Sugar molecular weight is 342.3 g/mol.

Sugar sweetness is considered 1.00, as a reference.

Sugar cooling degree is -23 C.


Due to its molecular weight, it has several functions in processed foodstuff rather than just providing sweetness to them. In fact, sugar is effective on “colligative properties” of foodstuff.

Colligative properties are including:

  • Vapor pressure lowering
  • Boiling point elevation
  • Freezing point depression
  • Osmotic pressure elevation
  • Water activity depression


To substitute sugar, the possible candidates are as follow:

  • Sugar alcohols (polyols):
Sweetness Molecular weight, g/mol Heat of solution, C
Erythritol 0.6-0.7 122 -192
Isomalt 0.5-0.6 344 -39
Lactitol 0.4 344 – 65
Maltitol 0.8-0.9 344.31 -55
Mannitol 0.5-0.6 182 -121
Sorbitol 0.5-0.6 182.17 -110
Xylitol 1.0 152 -153


  • High intensity sweetener (HIS):
Sweetness Artificial/Natural
Acesulfame K (Ace-k) 200 Artificial
Aspartame 160-200 Artificial
Cyclamate 35-40 Artificial
Saccharin 300 – 500 Artificial
Sucralose 400-600 Artificial
Thaumatine 2000-3000 Artificial
Advantame 20000 Artificial
Neotam 8000-10000 Artificial
Stevia 100-150 Natural
Glycyrrhizin 50-100 Natural
Monk Fruit 200-300 Natural


Finding a single component to be properly substituted with sugar to be effective on colligative properties along with providing sugar pleasant sweetness and profile is somehow impossible.

HIS sweeteners present high degree of sweetness in comparison to sugar. Some of them also may have licorice-like lingering taste. Due to their low application dosage level, they lack providing required colligative properties. Therefore, they are not proper individual sugar replacer.

Polyols are laxative, and if their application dosage proceeds 10% in foodstuff they should be labelled “as laxative, if overused”. Their sweetness is lower than regular sugar except for xylitol. Due to their high cooling effect, restricted application dosage, lower sweetness, and in some cases, lower molecular weight than sucrose, polyols cannot be proper individual sugar substitute.

Therefore, the solution is “Sugar Replacement Solution”, which is composited of “POLYOL”, “HIS” and “BULKING AGENT”.

Bulking agents are dietary fibers to provide the bulking property, when sugar is reduced or removed in a foodstuff.


  • Bulking agents:
Resistant starch


Components roles in “Sugar Replacement Solution”:

  • Polyols: bulking sweeteners providing required sweetness.
  • HIS: to compensate the lack of polyols sweetness in application, due to polyols limited application dosage.
  • Bulking agents: to provide the bulking property.


GMO status:

No GMO were used in the production.

No GMO labelling is required.



25kg bag in a carton box / 15kg paper bags / 500kg big bags.



Store under dry conditions at ambient temperature of 10-25˚C.

Keep away from strong light.


Shelf life:

24 Month(s)* after production date.

*In unopened package and stored under recommended storage conditions.


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